WATCH and relax at Wentworth GC ahead of the BMW PGA Championship

Check out this serene, quiet look at Wentworth GC in Surrey England in the lead-up to the BMW PGA Championship.

A lot is being made about the potential tension in England this week as LIV and non-LIV golfers compete in the same tournament for the first time.

But this short video surprised us with its stripped-back tranquillity. A nice way to showcase the famous golf course before the fireworks begin. We need more of this right now.

And maybe contrary to popular opinion, I still think the trees on 12 are silly. Even the ones on 10 are starting to dictate the tee shot too much.

And Ernie’s creek on 18 still irks me.

But apart from that… it’s a great golf course! 🙂 Enjoy the serenity.

(A hole-by-hole tour of Wentworth GC is further below)

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