Watch a caddy throw a golf ball on to the island green at Sawgrass

Don’t do this at home, you’re likely to do some serious shoulder damage.

Practice round at THE PLAYERS Championship always sees players’ caddies hit the golf ball in a nearest-the-pin competition at the island green 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

After Henrik Stenson’s caddy wished he’d never used a golf club (see below), James Hahn’s caddy Mark Urbanek decided to ditch the club and throw the ball on the green. And it’s impressive to see.

Not because it’s the famous 17th island green and TPC Sawgrass and not because it’s a caddy that does it, it’s just because throwing a golf ball is such a difficult and dangerous thing to do.

If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know you’re more likely to injure your shoulder than propel the golf ball of any distance. And if you haven’t tried it, don’t. Geoff Shackelford said the unofficial estimate for the throw distance was about 102 yards, or 93 metres.

@looper62 hand cannon to like 20ft on #17. 💪🏼🏝🔫

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And here is Henrik Stenson’s caddy dumping his ball, and then the golf club into the water.

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