VIDEO How to play every hole at Augusta National

Get excited, it’s Masters week – and here are a couple of videos you should check out.

Masters week is always an exciting one and like many of you, I spend a stack of my time jumping from one article to the next, watching one video to the next – lapping up as much Masters stuff as possible.

The anticipation this year is palpable, with the likelihood of Tiger Woods playing, and the return of full patronage to Augusta National.

While scouring the World Wide Web for anything and everything MAsters it’s clear that are producing some great content I had to share.

Firstly, a wonderfully in-depth clip on how to play each hole at Augusta National as explained (not narrated) by 18 former Masters champions.

Just forget the chances of many of us playing Augusta National are near zero and just soak it up. Adam Scott explains the 14th.

And if you need more… you can catch up on your history of The Masters and Augusta National in the short snappy video below.

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