VIDEO Embracing not ignoring Tyrrell Hatton; the angry golfer

This is interesting. Rather than ignore the on-course tantrums of England’s Tyrrell Hatton, the DP World Tour are embracing them.

The angry exploits of Tyrrell Hatton have been packaged up into one angry video.

To be fair many of these are in good spirit and fun to watch. Golf needs more characters expressing their natural emotions. You’ve got the full spectrum of them right here with Hatton.

We’re just not so sure Hatton knows the difference between a bad shot and bad luck after his bizarre take on Augusta National.

“If you hit a good shot, you should end up near the hole. Not then short-sided into a bunker because of the slopes that they’ve created and stuff. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a fair test at times, and when you hit good shots and you’re not rewarded for it, it shows.”

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