Dude Perfect (and Bryson) get on Augusta National for an All Sports Golf Battle

Bryson DeChambeau has joined the team from Dude Perfect for one of their All Sports Golf Battles at… Augusta National.

I’ve shared around a few Dude Perfect videos in the past. These guys are hugely popular with over 57 million subscribers to their YouTube Channel – producing trick shot clips, golfer stereotypes and their All-Sports Battle videos that take place on a golf course.

But I know what you’re thinking.

With Augusta National so steeped in history and sticklers for the traditions of golf – how the #@*! did these YouTubers get permission to shoot this video??

I’m guessing there are plenty of green jackets not too happy about this right now.

If you get irritated by shouty people, horrible music playing for 11 minutes and the idea of people throwing frisbees, kicking soccer balls and using snooker cues on one of golf’s hallowed grounds, then you’re going to hate this video.

That’s possibly everyone who is reading this.

Anyway, I’m sharing it around all the same, with some reactions below. If Augusta is trying to appeal to a younger different audience, then who am I to disagree?

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