Vandal ploughs up fairways at country golf course in NSW

Man arrested after allegedly using a plough to destroy fairways and greens at Dundedoo Golf Club.

The town of Dundedoo is situated about an hour north of Mudgee in central NSW. With a population of under a thousand people, the golf course is a vital part of the small community.

But overnight someone went and ploughed up four fairways and a number of greens, completely destroying them in the process.

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one, but probably the best place is to check out the video taken by Dunedoo Golf club’s general manager upon seeing the devastation on Wednesday morning.

Understandably, there is some blue language in here.

Reportedly a man has been arrested for extensive damage to the golf course.

The ABC have reported the police have arrested a 34-year-old man, while the SMH have reported the man is 43.

Either way, this isn’t pretty. From Daniella White’s piece at the Sydney Morning Herald:

He is accused of using the tractor to plough most of the course’s fairways and greens, causing extensive damage.

He drove the tractor from the scene, but the hydraulic disc plough was left behind.

It’ll be interesting to hear the motives behind this one.

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