Tyrrell Hatton played golf (and won) in a hoodie, and some people weren’t happy

European Tour golfer Tyrrell Hatton won the BMW PGA Championship wearing a hoodie and naturally, Twitter went bananas.

Thankfully, golf course dress codes are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

But there are still plenty of private golf clubs where adhering to a certain dress standard is a requirement. Places where black socks, t-shirts and hoodies are frowned upon – no matter how smart they look.

Social media went into meltdown over the weekend when golfers caught sight of England’s Tyrrell Hatton sporting an Adidas hoodie during the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club in Surrey.

It’s the sort of get-up that wouldn’t get a mention on the streets of London, however, it would be a violation of the dress code of most private golf clubs. And most likely the exclusive Wentworth Club.

Thankfully, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive with Hatton and Adidas making the most of the publicity by launching a competition. See below.

And in general, it got the seal of approval – especially after Hatton raised the trophy after a comfortable four-stroke victory.


To be honest, I really don’t think there were many who had a real issue with it. In fact, I’m sure many people didn’t really notice Hatton was wearing a hoodie until it became a point of debate.

Dylan Dethier summed up our thoughts on the whole thing.



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