Top 10 most useful Australian golf websites

Golf in Australia has come a long way in the past few years. We now have online access to our own scores, easy access to live tournament leaderboards and loads of golf tips that can cure any golf swing ailment you have, or even thinking of contracting in the future.

Here is a list of the 10 Australian golf websites I frequent the most (in no particular order) to get my golf fix each week. I’ve left off the online buying websites for the moment and just added the ones that I read for golf news, scores, information, golf tips and nerdy golf talk.
  1. The PGA of Australia is the home of Australian professional golf and their website is the hub of all the latest news and scores from Australian golf tournaments. In addition to organising most of the professional tournaments held in Australia, they also run the Holden Scramble and the junior golf program, Pump Golf. I still think they should update their logo but it doesn’t stop me visiting all the time.
    Check it out if you want live scores, reports and video for Australian golf tournaments. Or you want your kid to be Australia’s next golfing superstar.

  2. FoxSports have live broadcasts of the PGA Tour and European Tour every week. It is no surprise that the website is hot for all the latest news concerning the pro tours with great reports and video highlights appearing very quickly after each round. It is also home to The Golf Show with Brett Ogle and have a plethora of golf videos featuring tips and rules information.

    Check it out if you want to know how the Aussies went overnight at that tournament somewhere you don’t know the name of.

  3. Golf Australia
    Golf Australia look after all aspects of amateur golf in Australia. They manage all amateur golf tournaments and are responsible for rules, handicapping and implementing the new course rating system to be introduced to Australian golf courses over the next year.

    Check it out if you want want to be the guy in your golf group who actually knows what the slope course rating is.

  4. GOLF Link

    If you’re a member of a golf club you are probably very familiar with GOLF Link as they keep track of your handicap for you. In addition, GOLF Link have vouchers for that gift for a golfing buddy and a great selection of tee times at some of the country’s best golf courses. Many are open competitions held at some member-only golf courses you wouldn’t normally be permitted to play.
    Check it out if you want to play open competitions at great golf courses and sweep the prizes with a few mates.


    This website is a favourite of mine. It is just an online golf forum where golf heads can natter on about golf with other golf heads as much as they want. All the important stuff is covered here; the rules, tournaments, golfers we all love, the state of Adam Scott’s putting and the thoughts on his latest squeeze.
    Check it out if you want to keep talking golf when you’re family have had enough.
  6. One HD

    One HD are the next best thing when it comes to golf on TV in Australia. They cover all the WGC events live and have also picked up their game on the golf section of their website. All the latest results, videos and news is here, and it is also home to the other golf show on Australian TV, The Pro Shop.
    Check it out if you want to know the latest scores, understand why Allenby’s annoyed and why Tiger won’t win again.

  7. This website is geared toward the Australian golf industry and helping it perform better. But even if you’re not in this illustrious club, there’s plenty to keep an eye on. The website keeps an eye on most golf media outlets and publishes an online quarterly golf magazine that always features some great articles.
    Check it out if you want to know how your golf club can help speed up the pace of play, make better decisions and see much happier members.

  8. Best Greens

  9. A new player on the scene, this website has put all Australian golf courses in one place. A simple layout gives you a search box to find golf courses in the area and there is room to rate and leave your own review of the golf courses you play.
    Check it out if you want to know where to play golf near you, or just to grab the phone number of that golf course down the road.

  10. Inside Golf is the street press of Australian golf. The free, rock ‘n’ roll magazine that Alice Cooper would read religiously. I exaggerate a little but it is free and it does talk about what us club golfers like to talk about. You can pick it up in most golf clubs across the country but you can also read it online from the comfort of your desk at work.
    Check it out if you love golf or/and can’t afford the golf magazines at the news stand.

  11. iseekgolfiseekgolf

    There are stacks of different golf stuff at iseekgolf. Book online tee times, get golf tips (an area devoted to golf psychology), reviews, news and their golf course directory is pretty good too. You won’t miss much by visiting this site from time to time.
    Check it out if you want to get the latest golf info, book a round or get your head right for that next big golf game.

Now I’m sure I have neglected to add a few websites to the list that some of you visit and find useful. Please feel free to let me know or add them to the comments section below and we can get another list going. Remember it must be Australian and it can’t be selling stuff!

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  • 🙂 Nice lads. But honestly, no preferred order! It would be too controversial.

  • Best Greens needs a lot of work & attention to accuracy before can be considered top ten material. Good base & idea but poorly compiled & many errors. I hear they are working on updating information & I hope it can reach its full potential.

  • Nicely said about BestGreens, as the owner of the site, most of the information does not exist out there even after we have approached all state bodies like golf nsw and golfvic etc. This was part of our challenge-to provide golfers with up to date information. However we know we are the most up to date and comprehensive golf course database-guaranteed but will still endeavour to improve

  • the ‘iseekgolf’ forums area is a shambles, zero moderation, many abusive posts


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