Tiger Woods was found asleep in his car; no alcohol in system

Tiger Woods had not been drinking but was found asleep in his car before his arrest.

Police reports have been made public that indicate that Tiger Woods was asleep at the wheel of his car (still running) by the side of the road before his arrest.

ESPN reported that police had to wake Woods up and the former world number one was cooperative but slurring his words and failed a sobriety test.

According to the report, the officer said Woods “had extremely slow and slurred speech” and struggled with several roadside tasks. The report noted that the golfer changed his story about where he was going and where he was coming from, originally saying that he was coming from “L.A.” and on his way to “Orange County” before stating that he had no idea where he was. Woods was arrested in Jupiter, Florida.

Woods told police he was taking several prescriptions, including two painkillers. Police said Woods was “cooperative as much as possible” and that he agreed to take a breath test and a urine test. He blew a 0.00 in the breath test.

According to a more detailed police report issued Tuesday afternoon, both tires on the driver’s side of Woods’ car were flat at the time of his arrest and there was damage to the front and rear bumpers.

It ties in with what Woods said in his statement released to a golf journalist yesterday that alcohol was not involved and it was an unexpected reaction to medication he has been taking.

The 14-time-major champion has played golf since withdrawing from the Dubai Desert Classic in February due to back spasms. Woods is recovering from a recent back surgery (anterior lumbar interbody fusion) and mentioned on his website that he ‘hasn’t felt this good in years’.

Jack Nicklaus put Woods’ back problems into perspective ahead of this week’s Memorial Tournament saying Woods could hardly stand up four days prior to surgery.

And if you want to read more about all this you could do worse than read Ewan Murray’s piece in The Guardian on Tiger’s unravelling:

To scoff at Woods’s nadir misses the point of what joy he once brought to others. To discount that special talent, as so commonly displayed on the biggest stage, is horrendously short-sighted. If we are witnessing the unravelling of a sporting great, there is no reason to revel in it.

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