Tiger Woods video game gets a new swing

The new Tiger Woods PGA Tour game is on its way, with (finally) a change to the way you swing the golf club.

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game has been plodding along over the last few years with a few new aspects such as Ryder Cup play, the US Masters experience and generally looking more and more realistic.
The game play itself has never really changed though and often makes for some fairly mindless hours flicking the controls back and through. Rounds in the 50’s are never out of the question. 
After watching the newly released Tiger Woods PGA Tour trailer video below, it looked like more of the same. Nice and and pretty, but much of the same.

It turns out the guys at EA Sports have made a few changes to the swing mechanics which now include tempo as well as changes to your stance and ball position. The shot possibilities do seem endless now. See the video below for a good explanation. No word on the exact Australian release date as yet.

Note: Rickie Fowler joins Tiger Woods on the US cover. Rory McIlroy joins him on the UK release. 

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