Golf tip from Tiger Woods: “Putt to the picture”

Tiger is back in contention on the PGA Tour and he’s doing it on the back of some fantastic putting.

Woods is currently ranked 14th in overall putting stats on the PGA Tour this year, averaging 27.78 putts a round.

During the lead up to last week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational we got a bit of insight into the golf tips Tiger Woods was given as a kid. Woods spoke to the media about holing that putt on the 17th and return to the basics on the greens – in particular a basic putting tip he was given as a child by his father.

I’ve gone back to a lot of stuff I used to do with my dad and how he first taught me how to play golf and when I sit — after the round I told Rex after the round he asked, what were you thinking on the putt on 17 and I said, just putt to the picture. How do you teach a kid when he’s so small and he doesn’t understand an inch and a mile, well you take a look and you putt to that picture and that’s what I did. I kept telling myself just putt to the picture, putt to the picture and I holed it.

I was given a similar putting tip but much later in life that is very good for getting the speed of a putt right. I wish I was given the tip much earlier.

Look at the whole, take a photograph of it in your mind, look down to the ball and then putt to the picture in your mind.

Here is the full interview with Tiger speaking about this putting tip from the 18:50 min mark right at the end of the interview.

Tip of the hat to Geoff Shackelford for asking the questions in the media room!

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