Tiger is back but the fear has gone

Tiger Woods lost a golf tournament overnight after going into the final round with a four shot lead. Graeme McDowell won after he drained big putts on the final and playoff hole to claim the Chevron World Challenge. It was something Tiger would do. Or used to do.

Most of us have assumed that Tiger Woods would get his golf game back at some point. A man with that much golfing ability and concentration must regain form at some point, no matter what the circumstances. His swing change looks to be in its final stages with three rounds in the 60’s – something he hadn’t done for over a year. After seeing that Tiger was ahead by four shots and catching glimpses of the Tiger of old, I expected to wake this morning to find he had won the tournament easily. But the golfing world has changed.

The fear has gone

There has been talk golfers no longer fearing Woods but until Tiger was in contention with his form back, we would never know. We saw evidence of it today. Tiger played a magnificent final approach after a stuttering final round but McDowell drained a big putt to force the playoff and then did the same thing 10minutes later.

On Saturday night before the round, McDowell asked tournament organisers if he could at least try and win the tournament, knowing what attention a Tiger Woods victory would bring to the event. After winning on Sunday he apologised for ruining the party. Somehow I think there will be a few more people ruining Tiger’s party’s in future.

2 thoughts on “Tiger is back but the fear has gone

  • I get the feeling from your commentss that you truly dont understand that golf is played 95% between the ears. Tiger was in contention for the first time in 12 months, using a new swing, with a work in progress mental condition.(If you dont realise that TW mental condition/focus has been impacted during this 12 mths,then you have no clue of humanity. Yeah, Yeah, TW is a Robot!)If TW won, then it really would have been seismic considering where he is coming from. Yes G-MAC had to putt unbelievable on 18 twice to win.I reaaly would not count out a guy who has won 87 and 14 world wide and 35 years old jusyt yet. Wait until you see guys winning multiple times a year, inckuding Majors and TW winning nothing then you can become a golf seer.

  • Well maybe it didn’t come through but I was going for exactly that angle. And I am definitely not counting out TW. He will win again, just not as often as he was.


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