THE OPEN / Jordan Spieth got a short, £9 haircut before his third round

Jordan Spieth’s hair was a little long before you’re third round tee time at The Open, so he went and got a haircut.

We’d argue Jordan Spieth is the most interesting bloke in golf. Spieth shows just the right amount of emotion on the golf course and off it. Most in the media would agree he is the most open, most interesting of the world’s best golfers in press interviews.

Here is a classic example of how Spieth lets us in on life as a professional golfer – or perhaps in this case, the life of a normal person who just happens to be a professional golfer.

Spieth had everyone laughing as he explains how he went out into the streets of Carnoustie to get a nine pound haircut prior to his third round tee time at The Open. It was a little shorter than he was hoping for but gave a nice tip all the same.

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