The golf ball that won’t slice, but it’s illegal

It’s true, there is a golf ball that won’t slice. But it’s illegal.

polara-golf-ballPolara Golf have made a golf ball with a unique, but irregular dimple pattern that makes your golf ball go straight. The New York Times have reported that the ball reduces slices and hooks by 75% or more.

But there is a catch, it is illegal.

The Ultimate Straight golf ball does not conform to the R&A and USGA regulations which states a golf ball must have a regular dimple pattern. So use it at a major championship, your club medal day or out with mates with a few dollars on the line – at your own peril!

It sounds incredible and too good to be true but it is just physics. The golf ball has a series of shallow and deep dimples which reduce the difference in pressure created around the golf ball. Effectively reducing the ‘push’ on the ball due to the spin created by a slice or hook.

ultimate-straightThere is an arrow on the ball which must be pointed at the target. Make sure you are aligned correctly (as the ball does not correct for this) and swing away. Another problem may also arise when you proceed to play your second shot. The arrow may not be pointing towards your next target and hence it may slice or hook more than it would otherwise.

This flies in the face of one of the great struggles in the game of golf – getting the golf ball to go where you want it to, and so it won’t be looked upon too well by most golfers. But it would certainly make that golf day with the boss a little less embarrassing.

3 thoughts on “The golf ball that won’t slice, but it’s illegal

  • May 12, 2011 at 12:15

    Lo and behold at the second shot, LOL

  • October 21, 2011 at 02:33

    Great for the first shot, not so great for the second unless you place the arrow pointing toward the pin yet again, which will arise questions from any competition you have on the day.. Fine for putting as this endures no wind resitance..


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