The Cut Golf Club recognised for sustainability commitment

Western Australia’s The Cut Golf Club is leading the way by investing in renewable energy.

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The Solar Index report by Solahart revealed that savings and a renewable energy future are key motivators for the growing population of Australian business owners embracing the renewable revolution.

This finding rings true for one of the Peel region’s premier golf courses which, one year after going green with solar energy, has seen savings of over $25,000, and a 56 per cent energy reduction of the clubhouse power consumption.

Working with local business Solahart Mandurah, The Cut Golf Course’s 78.6kW solar panel system was completed in March 2020 and consists of 228 solar panels.

The Cut is one of three golf clubs in Western Australia recognised for their sustainability commitment by the Australian Panel of Golf Industry and R&A, winning a spot in the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association 2020 Golf Course Sustainability Project.

Working alongside 25 other clubs across Australia, The Cut Golf Course is now pioneering a new era of transparency and sustainability within the golfing industry.

The project’s aim is to develop a tailored OnCourse Australia® platform to capture best practices, key data, and sustainability examples to be used by golf facilities to report and develop case studies and information for members, boards and communities.

Venue Manager at The Cut Golf Course, Steve Drake, said that the team were motivated by their vision of a sustainable golf industry and greener Australia, alongside the obvious financial benefits that can be reaped from transitioning to renewable energy.

“Choosing solar not only provides The Cut Golf Course with huge savings, but allows us to continue our commitment to sustainability and give back to the environment.

“In the last 12 months, the solar system has powered 56 per cent of our energy consumption and saved the club approximately $26,376,” said Steve.

The solar PV installation is not the first time that the renowned golf club has partnered with Solahart Mandurah. Dealer Principal of Solahart Mandurah, Jaap Bos, has been a long-time club member, sponsoring The Cut Golf Course annual Ladies Open Day since 2009.

“Solahart has been Australia’s solar pioneer for over 65 years, supporting the nation as they embrace a smarter energy future. As a long-term partner of The Cut Golf Course, Solahart Mandurah was proud to be able to support their vision for a more sustainable operation, while helping them save on their energy bills,” said Jaap.

With this latest project, they can now capture and store more energy from the Australian sun, save on their energy bills, and actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

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