One & Done PGA Tour fantasy golf game

Throw away the spreadsheet and let Teepster runs your PGA Tour fantasy golf One and Done leagues for you.

The free PGA Tour fantasy golf league website has relaunched for the 2022/23 season so it’s time to get your golf buddies together and play against each other on tour.

How does Teepster work?

Create a free PGA Tour fantasy One & Done league, select the tournaments you want to play and compete against your friends or your fellow club members for the most prize money over the season. Simply select a golfer from the PGA Tour tournament each week and their winnings are your (virtual) winnings!

But there is a catch. You only get to select that golfer once per season. So use your golfer wisely!

Top-5 in-game feature

The top-5 feature was a huge success last year and it’s back for the upcoming PGA Tour season. If your selected golfer finishes top-5 or better, you’ll be able to select him again. A reward for his good performance. 🙂

Join a Public League

Don’t forget you can join a public league at any time – some with great prizes on offer. The Teepster One & Done Public League is now ready to join if you want to be a part of the fun.

When can you start?

Teepster is up-and-running for all PGA Tour tournaments, but you can get your mates together and start any time. It’s up to you which tournaments you play and when to start and end your season.

Head over to Teepster and check it out.

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