Tasmania’s Seven Mile Beach appoints golf course design team

Tasmania has yet another spectacular golf course in development and they’re appointed Clayton, DeVries and Pont as the course architects.

Hot on the heels of the spectacular looking Arm End golf project underway in Hobart comes the news of the design team appointment for the Seven Mile Beach project nearby.

Seven Mile Beach Golf is the brainchild of former Australian golf professional Mat Goggin who has long thought the site, just east of Hobart is the perfect land for a golf course.

And finally, after years and years of applications, approvals and development, the golf course at Seven Mile Beach will soon be constructed after the appointment of the Clayton, DeVries & Pont golf design team.

The narrow strip of dunes is reportedly a spectacular place to carve out a golf course, only adding to Tasmania’s rise as one of the must-play golf destinations.

Aiming to be complete in 2022, Mike DeVries told Australian Golf Digest the site won’t be needing a lot of earth moving.

“We’re not going to be running scrapers over the land,” DeVries says, laughing. “That’s one of the great things about these sites, that they encourage you to figure out how to utilize what’s naturally there, and let that stand out as what’s unique and special about the golf course. Our job will be to figure out how to connect those pieces together—so the end result isn’t just (a few) great holes, but a great sequence and pacing.”

Mike Clayton saw the site for the first time back in 2014 after Goggin told him to come down and take a look.

Clayton has repeatedly compared the land to one of the world’s greatest golf course telling Golf Course Architecture’s Toby Ingleton:

“It’s Pine Valley by the sea,” Clayton told GCA. “It’s incredible – an amazing site for golf.”

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