Staying in Touch

Adam Scott

There are some who wish technology didn’t advance as quick as it does and yearn to be out of contact and left alone when it suits. I however embrace technology and whilst I can understand how nice it can be sometimes knowing that no one can reach you I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Take two weeks ago for example. I was about to head into bed on a Sunday evening when a short message came through on my phone: “Scott looking hot to shoot a 59 on TV right now”.

While it meant the next day was a little more sleepy than it should have been, what a pleasure it was to receive such a message. Perhaps I should have been more on the ball in the first place but I switched over to see Adam Scott roll in another birdie and then stall slightly for a 61 and win the Qatar Masters by three shots. It also meant I saw him trying out his new BMW and see his ankle length socks he wears with pants. Weird? Maybe not. I’ve done it before.

I learnt from that Sunday evening and made sure I saw the end of the Dubai Open last weekend where Tiger won on an “off day” and Ernie lost another playoff there. I’m really not sure what he was thinking on the last. He put his ball in the water on the last hole looking for a birdie. But it wasn’t just in the water, it was in the nowhere near enough club and landed well in the lake. Strange? Maybe not. I’ve done it before. We all have, right?

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