Sport & Style: Geoff Ogilvy

Sport and StyleSport & Style is a new sports magazine that has just been released in Australia through the Fairfax newspapers aiming at your more sophisticated Australian sportsfan. That may sound like an oxymoron but the magazine looks cool enough. Based on international magazines of the same name it’s a cross between GQ and Sports Illustrated.

Aussie Golfer figured golf must feature in among this plethora of sport sophistication and flicked through. I was happy to see Kabaddi get a mention in the first few pages but the only golf that featured this month was a short Question and Answer session with Geoff Ogilvy.

I won’t relay all thirteen questions in order to keep Sport & Style happy but I’ll provide a sneak peek, including question 11 which was the first dodgy thing I’ve read about Ogilvy. The Alchemist is perhaps insightful, provokes deep thought and inspires us to do great things. Fluff.

7. Favourite golf hole? The 13th at Augusta – it’s a perfect par five.
11. Favourite book? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
13. Sydney or Melbourne? I would have thought that was obvious… I’m a Melbourne boy, so it has to be my favourite.

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