Solheim Cup controversy update: Suzann Pettersen apologises

Suzann Pettersen has given a strong, heartfelt apology for her poor sportsmanship during the 2015 Solheim Cup.

Suzann Pettersen has delivered an emotional apology via her Instagram account for her actions during the final day of the 2015 Solheim Cup.

The USA team produced a stunning comeback to win the Solheim Cup for the first time since 2009 but the final day was mired controversy when Europe’s Suzann Pettersen insisted that a putt was not conceded after American Allison Lee had scooped up her golf ball.

The incident Pettersen’s playing partner Charley Hull and USA’s Allison Lee in tears and it seems Pettersen has had a change of heart and apologised for her lack of sportsmanship.

As an ambassador for the game and never one to have ever brought the game into disrepute before, we never did think Pettersen’s actions were anything that a poor decision in the heat of the battle. Let’s hope this clears things up and ensures future Solheim Cup’s are played in the spirit it deserves.

I’ve never felt more gutted and truly sad about what went down Sunday on the 17th at the Solheim Cup.  I am so sorry for not thinking about the bigger picture in the heat of the battle and competition. I was trying my hardest for my team and put the single match and the point that could be earned ahead of sportsmanship and the game of golf itself! I feel like I let my team down and I am sorry. To the U.S. team, you guys have a great leader in Juli , who I’ve always looked up to and respect so much. Knowing I need to make things “right,” I had a face to face chat with her before leaving Germany this morning to tell her in person how I really feel about all of this. I wanted her also to know that I am sorry. I hope in time the U.S. team will forgive me and know that I have learned a valuable lesson about what is truly important in this great game of golf which has given me so much in my life. To the fans of golf who watched the competition on TV, I am sorry for the way I carried myself. I can be so much better and being an ambassador for this great game means a lot to me. The Solheim Cup has been a huge part of my career. I wish I could change Sunday for many reasons. Unfortunately I can’t.  This week I want to push forward toward another opportunity to earn the Solheim Cup back for Europe in the right way. And I want to work hard to earn back your belief in me as someone who plays hard, plays fair and plays the great game of golf the right way.

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