Smokin’ It!…on every other hole.

I realise I’m a little late on the uptake with this one but from the “strange things that happen in Queensland department”, I was alerted to the situation on golf courses in Queensland and the smoking laws introduced on July 2006. The laws as they stand in Queensland state that you can no longer smoke anywhere indoors (like the rest of Australia now) but licensed venues can set aside an outdoor smoking area for patrons. Some entire courses are licensed and as you can’t smoke and eat/drink in the same area anymore, by setting aside 50% of the course for smoking, it gets around the problem. It brings about more problems though. You can’t eat on 50% of the course now (as it’s smoking only in those areas) and you can no longer slice or hook onto another fairway if you’re eating a pie in case it’s a smoking hole. I might eat all the way round the next time I play in the Sunshine State.

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