Slow Play: Make sure you’re not the problem

You couldn’t possibly be a slow golfer could you? Could you?

I’ve penned another article at GolfLink – this time discussing slow play and urging all golfers to make sure they aren’t the problem by playing a little quicker this year – whether you’re a slow golfer or not.

After all, arguably the greatest golfer of all-time was often accused of slow play, but he didn’t seem to know it either.

Jack Nicklaus was heavily criticised for the amount of time he spent over the golf ball before he played a shot. Some claim that the combination of Nicklaus’s success and golf making its way onto TV sets, led a whole new generation of golfers to spend way too long to play their golf shot.

Check out the full piece at GolfLink and would be keen to hear if you’re keen to take up the challenge – by picking one part of your game that you could speed up this year.

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