Should you get her into golf?

Bonville Golf CourseIntroducing anyone into the great game of golf has got to be a good thing right? Even inducing the slightest bit of interest from the IT guy at the coffee machine is an achievement in itself let alone actually getting someone hooked on the game. If you can get someone to pick up the game and play somewhat regularly then basically, that’s brilliant. We all salute you.

So imagine my surprise when these words were uttered by a friend after I mentioned I’d just got my better half out to play golf. “Well that’s it then, the last great sanctuary we had and you’ve blown it now. The last place where we could actually talk golf non stop for 4 hours and you’ve gone and put it all in jeopardy”. Did I hear correctly? Was he getting stuck into me for getting someone into golf? I did hear correctly and he was.

And so a few weeks of deep thought on the potential ramifications of this situation began.

The first obvious thought is that if your partner is into golf then YOU will get to play more golf. However, the golf day or weekend away with your mates is potentially at risk! Those comments like, “Where’s your handbag?” and “Does your husband play?” after a putt is left short would have to be, well, left in the bag so to speak.

The biggest drawback to the whole situation began to emerge on the second or third game out together. She started hitting the ball well, very well. As a sportsperson herself, the hand-eye coordination was all there and a dreadful thought came over me. What if she beats me? What if this small idea became a hobby, and then a sport, and then a single figure handicap where I’d be carrying the bags in the club pennants? My reaction was to hold off on the small tips for a hole or two while I got back to at least a dormie situation but the sort of money the LPGA women are winning these days sprang to mind. They also have some of the finest swings in world golf and a new, vicarious thrill of professional golf opened up to me.

It hasn’t quite reached those dizzying heights of professional sport yet but it has all gone swimmingly. I think I did lose that game of matchplay that day (maybe a few shots given here and there) and as remarkable as it may seem, she didn’t get as hooked as I thought she may. Not yet anyway. She respects the game, enjoys a hit now and then and it all resulted in a weekend at Bonville Golf Resort as a Christmas present soon after. And if that’s the result of anyone trying to introduce your partner into golf, then I’m sure many of you may be hinting at a trip to the driving range this weekend. Just the two of you.
– thanks to Perth correspondent, Piers Lewis for his ideas on this article.

4 thoughts on “Should you get her into golf?

  • June 25, 2008 at 03:15

    I got my wife into playing golf and it was the best thing I ever did. My experience very much echo the sentiments expressed in this blog. Keep rockin’

  • June 6, 2009 at 15:19

    Great blog, and currently going through the same situation with my better half! Doing my best to explain to her that your body really does start to hurt after 4 hours carrying a bag in extreme heat.

  • June 30, 2009 at 03:17

    I played my first game of golf in 20 years on Good Friday in Melbourne. I was surprised how many reasonable shots I hit. I want to take it up but have been nursing a broken ankle. I am almost ready to take it up more regularly with my husband. I must admit I love golf carts! They weren’t around 20 years ago on the courses I was playing!


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