Shark caught on video in golf course lake

Recently we featured a few videos of the shark in the lake at Carbrook Golf Course. But last week, the clearest video of the shark emerged.
Carbrook Golf Club manager Scott Wagstaff spotted the shark for the first time and took the video. Until then, he’d never seen the shark and had relied on rumours and videos to believe its existence.
It turns out there are at least five sharks living in the lake and makes for one of the most dangerous water hazards in Australia.
Channel Nine got wind of the new footage and got out to the golf course to see the shark for themselves. See the video taken by Scott below.


2 thoughts on “Shark caught on video in golf course lake

  • April 15, 2011 at 15:24

    wow I knew about this but i never thought it would taped. Also im surprised the manager didnt freak out when he saw them.


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