“SERIOUSLY, Kevin Na?!?!” / Kevin Pieterson lashes out on slow play

Former England cricketer Kevin Pieterson loves his golf and it’s clear he also loves watching golf. But slow golf he takes an exception to, especially slow golf by Kevin Na.

During last week’s Genesis Open Kevin Na who is a notoriously slow golfer took an insane amount of time to make what looks like a three-foot putt.

These guys pay for big money and a shot can be the difference between a huge cheque and a big cheque but it’s not like Na is struggling for cash. Na finished in second place and with it earned a $663,000 cheque taking his career earnings over $25 million with only one PGA Tour win to his name.

While we wouldn’t exactly call this a tap-in, Na took a ludicrous amount of time to hit the putt and Pieterson has been lauded for his tweet lashing. This is a joke and extremely selfish behavior.

Pieterson has followed the tweet up with another including an instructional video to Na on how much time to make over a putt of this length. Funny stuff. And fair enough.

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