Scott Hend deliberately uses grandstand as a backboard: video

On his way to winning the Maybank Championship, Scott Hend made clever use of some of the immovable obstructions set up around the tournament golf course in Malaysia.

During the third round, Hend faced a tricky third shot to the par-5 18th green after his second nestled among the trees on the right of the fairway.

Rather than get too cute with the approach over bunkers, Hend smacked a low iron from 140 metres into the boards which bounced back on to the green to set up an easy two-putt par.

As you can see below, Hend definitely meant the banked shot and replied on twitter to say his caddie had experimented with the bounce off the grandstand earlier in the week.

Us amateur golfers aren’t as lucky to have these sorts of backstops in play for our weekend rounds of golf, but if we did there is no doubt we’d use them like this. Just not as intentionally.

One thought on “Scott Hend deliberately uses grandstand as a backboard: video

  • On ya Hendy a true Ausy grinder


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