Rory McIlroy accidentally hits his dad during round 1 of The Masters

If you’re going to hit someone in the crowd at The Masters, it may as well be someone you know.

Coming off two consecutive bogeys, Rory McIlroy found the left-hand rough with his tee shot at the par-4 11th during the opening round of the 2021 Masters.

Attempting to draw the ball back onto the green, McIlroy’s shot went a little straighter than he intended striking a patron on the leg.

It turns out that patron was McIlroy’s father who seemed to shrug off the incident like he’s had it happen to him before.

McIlroy chipped up and two-putted for a third consecutive bogey, eventually finishing the day at 4-over par.

One thought on “Rory McIlroy accidentally hits his dad during round 1 of The Masters

  • April 16, 2021 at 13:15

    I would like Greg Norman to come clean as to when he started playing golf. Would someone front him and press him on the subject.
    Back in 1968 I started The Cooroy Junior Classic and got a lot of good juniors from Brisbane, Norman being one. As he was born in 1955, it made him 13 yrs old and his handicap was 5.
    He won the boys and Roberta Simpson won the girls.
    I just want him to stop telling lies. In a lesson video on You Tube he says when I was 16 I didn’t know the difference from a golf ball and a Hockey Puck. Why lie. Every one knows he was a champion golfer


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