Rooster makes home on Magnetic Island golf course

Rooster keeps crows away on the fairways of Magnetic Island Country Club.

The black rooster named
Chook-Chook. Image source
Daniel Bateman of the Townsville Bulletin has reported about a rooster that has taken up residence at the sixth hole of the Magnetic Island Country Club. It has a small nest next to the sixth green, regularly jumping on board golf carts and scaring a few of the junior golfers.
The roosters arrival on the course still remains a mystery but local golfers are pleased to see it keeping the crows away. 
Golfers lose dozens of balls to crows during nesting season, between September and December. 
Balls, especially the coloured variety, are plucked from the fairway by crows to decorate their nests for potential mates. 
“Some of the golfers seem quite happy because there seems to be an absence of crows on that green now,” Mr O’Brien said. “Their balls don’t get stolen.
“If he works out well, I can see this course ending up with nine roosters on it.”
It sounds like a pretty friednly rooster too as the resort manager outlined;
“It’s just bizarre,” she said. “You rock up to the hole to play and it just wants to hang out with you.
“The other day we were in a buggy and it chased the buggy the whole way to the next hole.”

I’ve resisted the urge to make fowl puns. Please go ahead if you have any.

Full story at the Townville Bulletin: Chook fits in to a tee
H/T Golf Industry Central

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  • January 14, 2013 at 04:43

    I just hope he doesn’t end up on someones card as a birdie.


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