annika sorenstamThis week can’t go by without our respect paid to two big golf stories that came to light over the past few days.

The first is the somewhat unexpected retirement of the greatest women’s golfer ever to play the game, Annika Sorenstam. After a long period of time away from the game due to injury she returned to the LPGA Tour last week and blew the field away much like she used to do all the time. After achieving pretty much everything there is in women’s golf she’s decided to opt out of the game and focus on her other ventures including starting a family. I’m always amazed at the timing of the swings of female professionals and on average I think have far better, more fluid swings that their male counterparts. It’s a pity to see her go but probably not so for the rest of the LPGA professionals.

The second story to emerge from this week was the hole-in-one by long time Aussie Golfer reader and Adelaide contributer, Paul Arnfield. An avid golfer and getting the bug more and more as days go by, his shot (7 iron I believe Paul?) sailed up towards the elevated 2nd hole pictured below) at Tea Tree Gully Golf Course bounced onto the green and disappeared from view. In Paul’s words “it wasn’t the best shot I’ve ever hit and was somewhat of an anti-climax as I didn’t actually see the ball go in the hole being an elevated green”. After looking past the green, he jokingly suggested to playing partner Leigh Mosel to take a look in the hole. Leigh suggested Paul take a look in the hole for himself. It sounds rude but it’s true.

I’ve heard that holes-in-one are often achieved with shots not necessarily off the middle but the truth of it is, getting the ball in the hole is exactly what we are all trying to achieve. The sooner it goes in the better! Nice work Cheese!

If anyone else has hole-in-one stories to convey, don’t be afraid to comment in the field below: click “COMMENTS” or email them in.

tea tree gully golf club, 2nd hole

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