Putter Grip Rules

I bought an old blade second hand putter a year or so ago now. For $20 it works just fine but it came with a tragic, psychedelic foam grip that look very similar in pattern to a shirt Duffy Waldorf would wear. I didn’t mind too much about he pattern, it would create conversation among players and something to do when the golf was bad but the feel of the grip was horrible. I decided upon buying it I would add a tennis racquet grip over it.

This was fine and within the rules but only recently a playing partner had a practice putt with it and remarked at how thick the grip was. I hadn’t known anything different for well over a year and it hadn’t crossed my mind. It then got me thinking, was it illegal? Were there grip size limits in width or in any dimensions or types for that matter.

Off to the R&A rules of golf I went and here it is, in Appendix II:

3. Grip (see Fig. VII)

The grip consists of material added to the shaft to enable the player to obtain a firm hold.The grip must be fixed to the shaft, must be straight and plain in form, must extend to the end of the shaft and must not be moulded for any part of the hands. If no material is added, that portion of the shaft designed to be held by the player must be considered the grip.

(i) For clubs other than putters the grip must be circular in cross-section, except that a continuous, straight, slightly raised rib may be incorporated along the full length of the grip, and a slightly indented spiral is permitted on a wrapped grip or a replica of one.

(ii) A putter grip may have a noncircular cross-section, provided the cross-section has no concavity, is symmetrical and remains generally similar throughout the length of the grip.

(iii) The grip may be tapered but must not have any bulge or waist. Its cross-sectional dimensions measured in any direction must not exceed 1.75 inches (44.45 mm).

(iv) For clubs other than putters the axis of the grip must coincide with the
axis of the shaft.

(v) A putter may have two grips provided each is circular in cross section, the axis of each coincides with the axis of the shaft, and they are separated by at least 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).

So there you have it. Seems I’m fine as my putter grip is thick but it definitely isn’t more than 44.45mm in any direction in cross-sectional width. Rule iv and v here are interesting. I knew the grip must coincide with the shaft for clubs but didn’t realise for putters it was ok and that where a putter has two grips (broomstick putters for example, they must be separated by a minimum length! Very interesting.

There’s a whole other lot of new rules for next year on the R&A website and I may go through them from time to time but for now it seems my putter is just fine.

Now if only I could get it to knock the ball in the hole like I used to….

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