Players Championship at Sawgrass

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The comment by “Anonymous” in the previous article did remind us of the big tournament coming up this week at the wonderful Stadium Course at Sawgrass in Florida this weekend.

“Interested in the Players Championship at Sawgrass this weekend but going through the list of players I notice a large contingent of US players. I did some research you may be interested in. Out of the 143 starters 89(62.23%) are US. In the world rankings, out of the top 143 only 55(38.46%) are US. Aussies Have 15(10.48%) starting this weekend and have 17(11.88%) in the worlds top 143.”

It does show the bias towards American players at these big events but it is the American Tour after all and does give a lot of credit towards the other big tours around the world. Most notably, the European Tour.

The biggest interest in this tournament is always the 17th island green hole despite every other hole on the course being superb. Tiger described the hole as gimmicky some years back, amateurs are asked to limit their shots at the green to two balls before moving to the drop zone and Sean O’Hair looking to put the pressure on Phil Mickelson last year hit his wedge long to scuttle any hopes of a close finish. It not only scuttled a close finish but his quadruple bogey saw him drop from 2nd to 11th. A $747,000 drop in prize money.

The hole has taken on a real mystique in the golf world where even non-golfers can appreciate the challenge but please, if anyone can grasp just what in the world this article is about please drop me an email. The 17th is a metaphor for American culture???

There’s so many youtube videos of amateurs taking their shots at the famous hole but here’s one of Tiger’s magic moments from a few years back.

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