Other stories: Garcia and Goydos

Just thought I’d let everyone know about these golf articles I found on the internet this week.

The first concerns PGA tour player Paul Goydos who’s ex-wife died last year – only a day after losing the playoff to Sergio Garcia at the TPC Sawgrass. I watched Goydos play the Australian Open last year and during the rain break, he casually strolled around the clubhouse. He seemed more grounded and less concerned with not only the bad weather but his self importance as one of the big name players at the event.

I wish I’d said hello now, he seemed like one of the few in the event who may have been up for a friendly chat. After reading this article on Paul Goydos at GolfWeek it’s probably not hard to see why he’s a little more grounded than most players. I hope he wins this week.

The second article is a nice little piece on Sergio Garcia at The Golf Watch. Sergio gets hammered in the American press and sometimes he’s said some dumb things but I think this summarises it nicely. The rest of the world still likes him anyway.

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