Ogilvy makes a splash, three of them

Geoff Ogilvy was joined by Today’s Golfer on a practise round at Augusta. click the link for the full story but this tell’s you something about how hard it can be:

“On the 12th, I started off hitting an 8-iron,” shudders Ogilvy. “When we got to the tee it was semi-downwind and my caddie was happy with that choice. But, by the time I hit the shot, the wind had switched. The ball ballooned up and finished in the water.

“So I tried again. I hit it harder and the ball ballooned up even more and finished even shorter, again in the water. Then I switched to a 7-iron and came up short again. Then I went to a 6-iron and, although the shot finished up wet again, it did manage to fly the creek before dribbling back down the bank.

“All four were struck solidly. It is so deceiving down in that corner. The wind whistles across from the right (down the 13th fairway] and screws up every calculation. I’m just glad I wasn’t adding up my score. It would have been astonishing for people to watch the Masters field go through there in those conditions; it would have been a massacre.”

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