NOTHING BOX / Marc Leishman press conference after winning BMW Championship

Marc Leishman reveals he mows his lawn to keep in shape and get in the “nothing box” after winning the BMW Championship.

Marc Leishman looked a relieved and very happy man after winning the BMW Championship by five strokes.

After claiming the biggest victory of his career at Conway Farms CC, Leishman sat down to talk to the media where he spoke about his thoughts on becoming the world’s number one golfer, and how he mows his lawn to keep in shape and get in the “nothing box”.

A reported quizzed Leishman (~11min mark in video) on his obsession with his backyard lawn-mowing habits in which he has been rumoured to mow it twice a day.

“It’s definitely stress relief for me. It’s very rare I’m out twice a day (laughter). Yeah, everyday I’m out when I’m home. Neighbors think I’m crazy,” Leishman said. “But getting out there — and it’s a bit of a workout for me. I’m not — I’m not a gym rat at all. I haven’t ran in about ten years. But I do try to stay somewhat healthy and in shape but that is like a little work out — it’s probably 150, 200-pound mower I’m pushing.”

“There’s a comedian that has a thing and talks about men’s brains and all men have a nothing box in their heads. That gets me into my nothing box.”

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