Norman still wants a World Tour

In the mid-1990’s Greg Norman put forward the idea of a World Golf Tour which would have featured the world’s top players in an eight tournament schedule played in the US, Canada, Scotland, Japan and Spain. The PGA Tour hated the idea but Norman still believes it could work and hopes the European Tour may give it a go.

When it was first proposed by Norman, it seemed like a great idea to everyone outside of the US. Indeed, many in the US also thought it was a good idea but the PGA Tour, worried its importance may nose-dive, stepped in and warned players their tour cards would be revoked if they take part. Many players outside the top 50 also didn’t like the idea of a World Tour, potentially missing out on prize money and having to travel around the world to play golf tournaments.

It was this reason Norman proposed the idea in the first place. Bring the world’s best golf – to the world.

In a recent interview with Inside Golf, Norman says the European Tour should have taken it on.

“They (European Tour) could have taken themselves out of the box a little bit and taken a look at what I was basically recommending and wanting to implement. They could have easily done it and they could have captured the hearts and minds of every golfer, spectator and corporation around the world. They still have a chance.”

Gary Player who will weigh in on absolutely any topic related to golf, has not surprisingly weighed in on the idea of a World Tour.

“A man who can travel and win tournaments – that’s who the real champion is. If you get on an aeroplane and go and play in different countries where you can’t understand the editorial, you don’t like the food, you don’t like this and that and can still win – that’s a champion.”

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