Niall Horan presents Australian Open golf news on Sunrise Australia

What better way to promote your TV station’s coverage of the Australian Open than by getting one of the world’s most famous singer-songwriters to read out the news?

Irish superstar Niall Horan is in Australia promoting his new single and he stopped by Channel 7 to co-host Sunrise and ‘play’ a bit of golf.

Horan looked in his element presenting the short segment on the upcoming Australian Open throwing in a bit of his own info on Marc Leishman as he went.

The One Direction star has been touted as the “future of golf” in some golf circles.

Horan is a golf fanatic who not only loves playing the game but started his own golf company aiming to represent the future stars of the game and expose golf to new audiences.

With over 60 million Twitter followers from a demographic that golf would love to attract to the game, Horan’s influence is a powerful one.

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