NEWS REPORT Body found in lake at golf course in Sydney

Australia’s news programs covered the story of a body being found in a lake at a prestigious golf course in Sydney.

No doubt you all saw the news reports of the body removed from the lake that borders the 1st and 10th holes at The Lakes golf course in Sydney.

The same body of water also borders the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th holes at Eastlake Golf Course on the south-eastern side.

A report in the SMH said a couple of golfers at The Lakes first spotted the body early yesterday morning, and police indicated it may have been there for several weeks.

Police allowed the club to stay open, but it eventually diverted golfers away from the first and 10th holes for the afternoon.

Golfer Matthew Alch had just walked up to tee off for the day when he saw the body about midday.

“I saw the helicopter and saw police coming in. We were just about to start and walked down to the first hole and saw the body being brought out of the water. We were there,” he said.

“It’s an unfortunate thing. Hopefully [the police] can work out what happened.”

The ABC also reported on the discovery and the body may have been in the water for several days.

Police divers waded into the water and loaded the body onto a stretcher before floating it back to shore.

Golfers were on the course continuing their games just metres away from the police operation.

Police said the body was believed to be that of a man who was wearing black shorts and blue sneakers.

It is believed he may have been in the pond for several days.

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