New Rules of Golf now available from golf clubs and online

The new Rules of Golf will come into effect in January 2019 and they’ve all been published in a new book that you can soon pick up from your local golf club or accessed online.

Golf’s governing bodies the R&A and USGA have published the new Rules of Golf ahead of their implementation in January 2019. The modernised rules are aimed at simplifying many of the more complex rules in golf with a focus on speeding up the pace of play.

Some of the new rules include changes to the dropping procedure, fixing marks on a green and a local rule (which golf club’s can choose ti implement) which will see players drop near where they lost a ball instead of going back to the tee.

Printed copies of the new Rules of Golf will soon be available at your local golf club and the Player’s Edition, the Rules of Golf and Official Guide are all available now on The R&A’s website and on The R&A’s new 2019 Rules of Golf App (Download from your App store: iOS / Android).

Also for the first time, a new Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf is available for a more concise, easier to read version of the rules.

According to the press release, this Player’s Edition:

…is being introduced to provide a shorter, more user-friendly version of the Rules for golfers at all levels of the sport. This version, which will serve as the primary publication for all golfers, features:
A more intuitive organisation with ten simplified topical groupings
A “Purpose of the Rule” description at the top of each Rule to better define why the Rule exists
Easy-to-follow, full-colour diagrams and charts to aid in understanding
A simpler, more direct writing style.

Golf Australia have a great page dedicated to all the new rules including videos on the new dropping procedure, ball in motion and the new rules relating to the putting green.

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