New Australian Golf Show

One HD, Australia’s free-to-air sports channel has announced the launch of a new locally produced golf show called “The Pro Shop”, airing in October. Perfectly timed to be part of the build up to the three big tournaments in Australia later this year, the show is produced in partnership with the PGA of Australia and will be hosted by Andrew Maher.

So far we know it will contain previews and reviews of all the major domestic tournaments and will also test equipment and review golf courses. It will also air on Tuesday nights. Interesting. The same night as the only other Australian golf show on FoxSports – The Golf Show.

The Golf Show has held a monopoly on this format for a while now. I’m hoping it can show off a lot more of Australian golf- local courses, local players and local golf news – get it a little more personal to the average Australian golfer.

Time will tell if One can pull this off – stay tuned.

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