MUST READ: What the distance debate is not about

Golf’s distance debate is not about the golfers, modern coaching, athleticism, scoring or agronomy.

Here is a must-read we had to share – courtesy of Rod Morri’s latest opinion piece in Golf Australia magazine.

Morri eloquently and succinctly corrects the misconceptions about the distance debate in professional golf by outlining what it’s not about.

And then sums it up:

The current crop of top professionals – Bryson DeChambeau included – are as talented and skilful and hard working as every generation who have come before them, no more and no less.

What has changed isn’t the players, it’s the equipment they use and in particular the distance they achieve with their drives.

On a planet of finite resources the golf courses of the world can’t possibly keep expanding to compete with advancing equipment technology.

Read the whole thing here. Go on.

Time will tell if golf’s governing bodies, namely the R&A and the USGA have the guts to do anything about it.

They’re in bed with the equipment manufacturers if they don’t.

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