MORE RAIN New South Wales golf courses flooded as the deluge continues

Last week we documented some of the images of Australian golf courses disappearing underwater after torrential rains battered the east coast of Australia.

Well, it hasn’t stopped and rain of biblical proportions is still battering New South Wales that has seen rivers breach their banks, road closures and forcing people to evacuate homes.

The extent of the floods is astonishing and once again many golf courses will face months of work to restore them back into a playable state. Perhaps longer.

Riverside Oaks’ Bungool golf course was due to soon re-open after recovering from last year’s torrential floods which saw over half the golf course go underwater. The Hawkesbury River will have once again inundated the golf course and one wonders if these low lying courses are worth the investment over the coming decades as torrential weather becomes more common.

Here are some of the incredible photos being shared around on social media as golf course greenkeepers can only shake their heads and wait for the rain to case. At the moment, there is no short term change in the forecast.

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