More golfers are now walking in the land of the golf cart

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many golfers in the US to walk their way around a golf course. And many are now shunning the golf cart and sticking with it.

We’ve long lauded the love of the walking golfer here at Aussie Golfer – Thoughts and tips on walking and carrying your own golf clubs.

And we love reading the golf stuff Bill Pennington pens at the NY Times, and his latest piece on walking golfers is no exception.

Pennington’s piece Golf Carts Are Parked, Walking Is In and, Yes, It’s Exercise explores the rise of the walking golfer in the land of the golf cart.

For decades, the stereotypical perception of the sport has been of sedentary golfers zooming around the course in carts with cup holders full of mixed drinks. But many golfers today are purposefully adopting a more wholesome, even Zen-like, vibe.

Although there is one bone of contention I have with the musings:

At the Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta, walking rounds were usually relegated to undesirable late afternoon or evening tee times.

Give me a late afternoon tee time any day of the week.

The full piece needs an email address to access, and I’m often loathed to share things we can’t all read but great writing and great writers deserve to be rewarded for their craft.

And Bill Pennington at the NY Times is a great writer so it’s worth your while. Check out the full article here.

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