Mini golf TV game show will now be shot in Australia

The mega mini-golf TV game show Holey Moley is shifting its production set to Australia.

Nothing is certain at all these days and I can’t imagine any of this is either but there was some interesting news last week regarding the production of Holey Moley TV game show that was shut down in the US due to the coronavirus earlier this year.

In summary, Holey Moley is a TV game show featuring contestants playing mini-golf on a mega mini-golf course.

Greg Norman was confirmed to be a part of the show and AFL commentator Brian Taylor was also going to be on the commentary team.

After the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, the Holey Moley production was forced to shut down. As a result, Brian Taylor returned to Australia and was forced into a 14-day quarantine earlier this year.

It was reported last week that the show will be now be shot in Australia on a custom-built set.

The idea being that all future international productions could be shot in Australia given the relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Or at least it was a few weeks ago.

From the announcement on TV Blackbox:

TV Blackbox understands Eureka is now considering filming the local season and the next US series back-to-back on the Australian course. Eureka recently commenced a search for US citizens currently living in Australia and willing to participate in a ‘game-show’ format.

Building the massive 18-hole course in Australia will be a significantly expensive exercise, but the ability to produce multiple versions of the format for television markets around the world could be a massive boon for the local industry.

With US travel restrictions likely to remain in place for a significant period of time, filming in the safer environment of Australia is anticipated to be appealing for some international productions.

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