Min Woo Lee flop shares an amusing, almost incredible flop shot

Min Woo Lee plays a flop shot that almost slam dunks into the hole.

Min Woo Lee doesn’t officially have a card on the PGA Tour. So while he’s posted 3x top-10s on the PGA Tour and ranked 50th in the world, he didn’t earn any Fed Ex Cup points and eas therefore not even eligible to be a part of the FedEx Cup playoffs if he qualified.

Since Lee’s tie for 41st place at The Open Championship in July, the 25-year-old Australian has been taking some time off – and it looks like he’s been working on his short game.

Min Woo Lee recently shared a very unique-looking flop shot video down his Instagram and TikTok feeds that has us wondering if he’s getting a little bored of all the practice.

Judging by a few of the nearby divots, we think Min Woo may have already had a few attempts at this shot. Nevertheless it’s an incredible shot that only the best golfers can play.

Our advice though when faced with a lie like this one; never, ever attempt this shot.


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