Master Trev and Augusta Grievances

A new major winner in Trevor Immelman was wonderful to watch this morning. I would’ve been squirming in my seat had he only had a one shot cushion (if Tiger hadn’t missed a few putts and all others hadn’t fallen away) and then he had to play his approach shot from the nasty divot on 18. Fair play to him though. A gorgeous swing and this guy could get many more majors under his belt.

A few things about the Masters this year.

  1. Firstly, what was Brandt Snedeker doing exactly on 13? I assumed at first he was going for the big part of the green as the commentators did but in hindsight was he perhaps laying up and pull it into the creek? I only say that because watching it again he looks like he’s aiming way right. I really hope he does well in future. He plays with a great attitude and was a delight around the Australian Open last year.
  2. Jim Nantz goes overboard every year looking for sob stories regarding golfers in the hunt for the jacket. He dramatises it like it’s an episode of General Hospital. Granted Trevor Immelman has had a rough trot lately but if I ever win the green jacket Jim will say something like, “He battled for years over a golf blog, making many sacrifices, putting his friends through hell before finally making it. All the hard work and long hours over the keyboard has finally paid off.”
  3. I suppose it irks me a little because of the number of times these dramatisations (all true of course) get repeated as we fondly observe long images Augusta’s fauna that at times the US producers think are more interesting to watch than golf.
  4. I believe it was Channel 10’s fault at times with the coverage this year though. Did anyone in Oz see Trevor Immelman and Brandt Snedeker’s putts on 15?
  5. Nick Faldo seems to be quite disliked among former players but I’ve never really had an issue especially with the way he commentates. But I must say that he does like to throw in his two victories at Augusta whenever he can. Good on him I suppose.
  6. Not an Aussie in sight. And that was pretty much from Round 1. If you wanna hear what I think should be done about it, have a listen to HG and Roy’s opinion from yesterday’s This Sporting Life radio show at about the 20min point into the broadcast. A blade for blade replica of Augusta built in country Australia sounds perfectly logical. No excuses then.

2 thoughts on “Master Trev and Augusta Grievances

  • April 15, 2008 at 01:38

    Immelman is a good player no doubt, but would i be right in saying that Masters win was also his first win in the US?

    I hate the US golf coverage, be it a major or a regular tour event, they have a fascination with the surrounding areas of the course panning and watching the fountain in the middle of a pond, surely someone somewhere on that course is playing a shot that the viewer would rather see!!

    think this deserves a spray on sportsmouth!


  • April 15, 2008 at 07:48

    Seems he won back in 06, the Western Open. He’s won a few times in Europe and in SA as well.


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