Mark Hensby’s golf career forged by resilience

Mark Hensby won his first PGA TOUR Champions last week, and the PGA Tour looks at one incredibly resilient golf career.

Story by Doug Milne,

While the game of golf may appeal to the casual viewer as a relaxed and easy way to thrive, for those within the professional ranks, it’s a trying journey. Every bad bounce or miscue can lead to questioning oneself and, even worse, self-doubt.

The same can be said for a person’s journey through life.

Mark Hensby’s golf career has been marked by resilience. Faced with a difficult road to success in professional golf, Hensby persevered and has managed to make a career for himself. What few people know about the Australian, though, is that his resiliency was forged through a difficult upbringing, one that he refused to let define him.

At every crossroad, the qualities of conviction and sincerity guided him.

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1971, Hensby and his two brothers, Darren and Jason, grew up with their parents about five hours north of Sydney in the small town of Tamworth. When he was just a young lad, the boys’ parents divorced.

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