Male golfer now playing off the ladies tees

From the “It can only happen in Queensland” department, comes a report about a male member of a prestigious golf club in Brisbane undergoing a sex-change via hormone treatment. The full sex-change has not been undergone yet but Mr. Asher is considering it.

He was forced to quit the men’s team after he turned up to a tournament in a dress. With his wife and son fully supporting the alteration, he has gone on to win a few women’s tournaments and had to have his handicap adjusted because he now plays off the women’s tees.

The full story can be found on The Advertiser website but the icing on the cake is that Don has changed his name to Dasher.

Dasher Asher. Maybe he/she’s looking for a job on the sleigh this year.

The can of worms, the floodgates and the comments section below are now open.

3 thoughts on “Male golfer now playing off the ladies tees

  • This story does remind me of an old American joke…..the punch-line is “And all this time…you’ve been hitting off the ladies tees!”

  • Sounds like a world of hurt for the sake of a few hundred metres a round


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