Loudmouth Golf release fancy shirt collection

Latest press release from Loudmouth Golf on their new range of “Fancies” golf shirts!

Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright coloured golf and lifestyle apparel, is pleased to announce their brand new line of shirts called “The Fancies.” Loudmouth’s fancy shirt collection consists of ten patterns, which pair nicely with their line of solid “Essential” pants and shorts.

Introducing “The Fancies” 2013 Collection:

Fancy Black Captain Thunderbolt
Fancy Black Palm Beach
Fancy Double Cheezburger
Fancy Drop Cloth
Fancy Mock Neck Black Palm Beach
Fancy Mock Neck White Pink and Black
Fancy Paint Balls
Fancy Scribblz
Fancy Shagadelic White
Fancy White Pink and Black

Loudmouth Golf’s fancy shirts are made in 100% Poly-Tech fabric with a moisture wicking finish. They are roomy, comfortable and available in sizes S-2XL for men and S-XL for women.

“Our fancy shirts are flying off the shelves with reckless abandon,” says Loudmouth Golf CEO Larry Jackson. “Our customers like the idea of fancy on the top and solid on the bottom to wear to the office. Consider it the new Fancy Friday look.”

Alongside “The Fancies,” Loudmouth Golf has a variety of other solid coloured polo shirts for men and women designed to be paired with their trademark colourful pants.

For more information visit: www.loudmouthgolf.com.au

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