Long chipper patent anchored to drawing board

Think the anchoring ban applies to putting only? Think again.

Before the USGA and R&A announced their decision to ban the anchoring technique, some golfers were suggesting they should just keep it simple and ban the belly putter, or make the putter the shortest club in the bag.

Here is why the the proposed rule change is worded specifically as an anchoring ban. Here is a patent application for a long shafted wedge that was filed just a day before the official announcement banning anchoring! According to their description:

The present invention is an improved golf club intended to be used for chipping. The club is a long-shafted iron with a wedge-type head having a high lie angle and an extended grip. When used is a pendulum fashion like a long shaft putter, the club’s head has a greater chance of staying within the desired impact zone during the swing.

I know plenty of golfers with the chipping yips who would grab one of these. Bogle?

This type of long shafted golf clubs can of course still be used as long as they aren’t anchored to the body during the swing. Hey, some guys break world records with them.

Tip of the hat to Golf-Patents.com for spotting this one.

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