Life as Robert Allenby’s caddie: “I guess caddies are a punching bag”

Robert Allenby’s ex-caddies open up about looping for the fiery Australian.

We’ve had enough requests for this story to be shared here – and it’s eye-opening to say the least.

The story is the one where USA today’s Josh Peter interviewed a number of Robert Alleny’s ex-caddies to get some insight into what it’s like to carry the bag for one of the most generous, enigmatic golfers on tour.

This story may not have been written if not for Allenby’s off-course issues earlier in the year and the recent walk-off by caddy and friend Mick Middlemo in the middle of a round at the Canadian Open.

If he’s looking for sympathy or support, he shouldn’t go to the caddyshack, where Allenby is better known as “The Beast” and caddies say he has been inflicting pain and suffering on them for years.

“The running joke is, ‘Did The Beast get out of the cage today?’ Especially when there’s a little pressure on, Robert becomes that beast even more,” said Cameron Ferguson, one of at least 24 caddies who have worked for Allenby.

Allenby is somewhat of a mystery to everyone in golf, his outbursts are notorious but he is one of the most generous golfers on tour. His continual work, and personal donations of time and money towards the Challenge children’s cancer foundation is remarkable, and it’s touched on in the article.

Allenby is known for paying caddies more than the going rate — now 7% of money won and 10% if the golfer wins the tournament. During meals in the evening, he routinely picks up the check — “Just go out with him, you won’t be able to put your hand in your pocket,” Damiano said — and he makes sure his caddies have enough money to cover hotel, meals and incidentals.

“I think behind (Allenby’s) generosity, he might be trying to make up for all the other stuff that he deals out,” Ferguson said. You can’t argue that Robert’s done wonderful things with his foundation and he is a very generous person. It’s just, I guess caddies are a punching bag.”

Read the full story over at USA Today.

2 thoughts on “Life as Robert Allenby’s caddie: “I guess caddies are a punching bag”

  • The reason he pays for everything is not because he’s generous. It’s because the only way he knows how to be charming is by using money. He has very few positive personality traits so money is the quick fix.

  • Ferguson is a “wanna be caddie”…Should have continued carrying the bag and saved a few friends some cash on failed endeavors…..LOL


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